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Online traffic report for the bus sector

Data is always the best allies of companies, so we save you the research and bring you the most relevant information in the bus sector.

At Reservamos SaaS we are committed to transforming the bus sector towards digitization

Data enables companies to understand the behavior of the digital traveler and the market to make more strategic decisions. And one of the main advantages of the digital world is access to more accurate insights.

That is why we have created the first and only specialized report on online traffic received by bus companies and OTAs around the top countries in America and Europe, saving you research and putting relevant information at your fingertips.

Enter and know your digital market share and positioning

 Online performance of bus companies and OTAS
Monthly and annual comparisons 
Main areas

Travelers' habits have changed, it's time to transform your bus company to connect with them

An optimized digital sales channel benefits the operation and drives the growth of your company:

  • Control the main metrics and analysis of traveler behavior to develop accurate strategies.
  • Increase traffic and sales through your digital sales channel with a friendly, efficient, and secure user experience for you and your traveler.
  • Connect more easily with digital travelers from any device.
  • A strategic vision of the market and implementation of dynamic pricing strategies that help increase revenue.

Main Areas of the Online Traffic Report of the Bus Sector


Operators share

Top companies with the higher and lower online traffic.

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Industry share

Comparison of bus companies vs. OTAs.


Ranking in America

Top countries that bring more digital traffic to operators.

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